Bro Radio – What It Offers The Vale

Bro Radio launched at midday on the 31st of March 2009 and has come a long way in a very short amount of time. The station aims to offer an alternative to commercial, national and BBC Radio, by educating, entertaining, informing and engaging with the community it serves that other media services cannot. Now in partnership with Barry YMCA and based in their building in Barry, Bro Radio broadcasts locally produced programmes, created by predominantly volunteers from the local area the radio station serves. It’s the only radio station broadcasting from Barry, to Barry and parts of the Vale, keeping listeners updated with the local information that matters to them.

Sometimes, it’s easy to dis-regard having a local radio station that is so close to home and switch on a main stream station, but Bro Radio is a great asset to the community and provides many benefits to the Vale, such as volunteer positions to produce radio shows, allowing people who have always had a passion to present on the radio. They can be first to cover local news on air, such as traffic congestion and incidents which you won’t be able to keep tabs on via social media whilst driving. Plus such incidents won’t be covered by other stations that are based outside the vale.

The new transmitter moves allows the signal to get further afield within the Vale, it’s taken a while, but it’s moved, and will allow the Bro Radio airwaves to go deeper in the Vale such as Penarth, Cowbridge and Rhoose. Not to mention, the station that loves the Vale undertakes a number of live outside broadcasts each year, including hosting Cadstock.

Not only that, there is a host of musical radio shows that can suit everyone’s needs and tastes. The daytime weekday shows run from 6.30am -7pm Monday to Friday and keeps you up to date with local news, entertainment, chat, live guests, as well as playing a variety of music from all over the years. But here are a number of evening and weekend shows which you may not know about:
Leroy Keeble – Club Classics – Saturday Night 9pm

If you like your old skool club classics then Leroy smashes these out each and every Saturday night. With regular competitions and features, Leroy is the soundtrack to your Saturday night.
More info on Leroy
Krazy Doug – Rock Show – Tuesday Night 9pm

Tuesday night is rock night and Doug always plays the newest rock music out there as well as the all time classics. He’s regularly attending gigs and has had some top interviews over the years, including Crossfaith, Frank Carter, Limp Bizkit and Bowling for Soup.
Interview with Frank Carter below
The Sound Lab – Friday Night 10pm

The Sound Lab is all about new music from a range of genres including house, garage, hip hop, rnb, trap and genres that you never knew existed.

Check out the DJ Jaffa Guestmix for The Sound Lab
Simon Field – The Bro Beat Club – Monday at 7pm

Simon Field presents the Bro Beat Club every Monday from 7pm. The first hour is the ‘Musical Roots’ hour, where he plays reggae & similar music styles, e.g. ska. From 8pm it’s the ‘Musical Offshoots’ hour where he will play all styles of music, and welcome listener requests.
More info on the Bro Beat Club
Patrick Downes – Bring the Noise – Saturday at 10am

Every Saturday morning 10am-2pm with Bring the Noise – a mish mash of the best music and latest film news – together with mucking about. There’s also #LoveAt11 with the world’s finest love songs, #RewindTheNoise where he’ll dig out a song you’ve not heard in ages, and #BringTheQuiet, a moment of perfect serenity.

So be sure to check out Bro Radio on 98.1FM & whenever you’re in the Vale.