VoG Council to donate monies from car parking to Barry Rotary Club


On Saturday November 5th, Barry Island will host the 43rd annual firework fiesta. You can find all the information regards to this years event here.

Vale of Glamorgan Council have already provided a grant for firework fiesta, but will now donate car parking monies to Barry Rotary Club on the night of the firework fiesta.

Cllr Gwyn John, Cabinet Member for Visible, Leisure and Regulatory Services, said: “The existing signs at Harbour Road indicate there are 800 spaces at Nells point and 1100 at Harbour Road.”

“The income received from car park charges helps to fund the high level of front line services required at this most popular resort, along with helping the Council deliver an events programme that is the envy of the region and draws thousands to the island all year round. The services provided include resort management, beach management and cleansing, maintenance and management of car parks and event promotion.

“The Council will provide funding of around £4,500 for the Bonfire Night event at Barry Island made up of a £1,500 grant plus £3,000 worth of resources to organise road closures, provide stewarding and arrange traffic management at the event. Also, this year the Rotary Club will receive an additional sum of around £1,000 from car park revenue.”

This now ensures that Barry Rotary Club do not lose the source of income from car parking which they have had in previous years.