‘Tis the Camera’ Release Debut Single

We caught up with one third of ‘Tis the Camera’ on the release of their debut single “Waiting for Blue.”
Barry based Mark William gave us an insight to the band, the single and their future plans.

Where did the idea for ‘Tis the Camera’ come from?
“The idea for “Tis the Camera” is that of myself, although the name itself doesn’t have any meaning, it has a Victorian type of phrasing. The idea was to mix the musical genres. Hence the mix/fusion of opera/classical singing with country, reggae, rock, Christian and Bollywood – It’s all a little bit bonkers but we Love it.”

Can you tell us about youself and the other members of the band?
“I’m a Tenor with a classical voice from Barry, aged 50. I write the lyrics and also arrange and produce the music.”

“I wrote the lyrics to “All Across the Land” a choral song that was perfomed by members of Barry Ladies choir, Barry Male voice choir and Vale voices, the song has also been played in the Millenium Stadium, Cardiff before the Wales Autumn series rugby matches in 2013/14.”

“Vocals are by Hannah Caswell a Soprano from Newport who is in her mid 20’s is a classically trained singer who likes to sing opera and loves the great outdoors – fishing, sailing, horse riding and is currently employed as a production operator at a battery making factory.”

“Keyboards, other sounds, musical arrangements & production are by Carl Simmonds aged 50 from Pontypool. Carl has his own recording studio in Pontypool and is a sound and studio engineer with over 25 years experience in the music business.”


How did the band form?
“Last summer, I was introduced to Hannah by a mutual friend and suggested that we create a singing duo and during the course of meeting I suggested that we record an EP of songs made up of crossover mixed music genres which would also include “Waiting for Blue”.

“It was then that myself and Hannah got together with Carl Simmonds who agreed to play keyboards and other sounds and before they knew it I suggested the name ” Tis the Camera” to Hannah and Carl and the band was formed in the spring of this year.”

Can you tell us about the Single?
The song “Waiting for Blue” a ballad written by Collard & Belby was originally recorded in a classical style before being fused with a subtle country sound, takes it’s lyrical influence from a loving couple’s relationship and the need to be together forever despite the intrusion of dementia in the relationship. Although a number of people who have heard the song, simply say it is a powerful love song, in effect it is down to the indiviuals intrepretation on the meaning of the song. So it is simply a love song.”

Mark and Hannah appear on Bro Radio

The band have had a great reception to the release and have had airplay on a number of online and community radio stations;

Dapperfm presenter Gareth Lankshear says “A beautiful love song by very talented people”.

Craig Parry – Presenter of the Moonshine Experience on phoenixcountryradio.com & rhonddaradio.com & dapperfm says “Keep up the Great work”.

UKCountryradio.com says “A new and interesting addition to the country music scene, we can’t wait to hear more”.

The trio will release their debut EP ‘Songs with a Twist’ in January and will feature opera mixed with reggae, rock, Christian, Bollywood and country. They are looking to hit the festival scene next summer and will perform their EP at local venues after release.

You can find the band on social media..