The wheel formerly known as the Barry Eye has a new name

The decision has been made and the wheel formerly known as the Barry Eye now has an official new name. By now, you’ve probably read about the potential trademark infringements with the London Eye and how a letter has been sent to the Danter family at Barry island Pleasure Park informing them of this.

Well today the Pleasure Park Official Facebook page said a decision has been made, and the Big Wheel will now be called……………………….The Barry High.

To be honest, it makes sense and judging by the people who used the Barry High to view the firework display last week it’s even more fitting.

Barry photographer captured it perfectly when taking snaps of the fire work display last week.

We’re sure the Barry High will become as synonymous to Barry as the log flume was many moons ago and it’s just amazing watching all the changes to the pleasure park, it’s come so far, and the views from the Barry High are incredible.

What are your thoughts on the name of ‘The Barry High’? will you still call it the Barry Eye? let us know!