Richard Bertin : Barry Island Could Do With a Caravan Park

Do you agree that Barry Island could do with a caravan park? I have been a Barry Councillor since 1999, and served since┬áthen I have heard many calls for a caravan park for our town, ‘Why can’t we have a caravan park?’ ‘We need more places to stay’ ‘Can we have log cabins’ Are just said some of the many comments heads over the past few years and I have to agree. The island has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, plenty on offer for day visitors but hardly anything for those who want to stay a few days.

Three times now developers have pulled out of developing the former Butlin’s site. First was the university plans, then the idea of an aquarium, then an adult only hotel, but nothing really for families to come and stay. We have all these great new things at Barry Island but no-where to stay.

Each year, we have seen some great events put on in the town and visitors are flocking here. Having been involved in Barry Jazz over the years, I know how much organisation and commitment it takes to put on a quality event. But visitors need somewhere to stay, for the jazz Fest we have visitors come from as far as Canada, but with less and less places to stay it will be difficult to attract people further afield to such events. If we are to draw visitors in from far and wide, Then we must have somewhere for them to stay. We have one of the best beaches in the U.K., we even have palm trees and fab coffee at Marco’s but no where to pitch up for the night. If you take the ‘Bank Holidays’ as an example, traffic is queuing for miles to get into the resort with thousands flocking in. If we can get some of those to stay a bit longer imagine the boost to the local economy? and the jobs that could be created from this? Barry Island like Porthcawl needs a place for Both static homes and tourers.

With this in mind, and an amazing fairground (Hats off to the Danter’s) and redeveloped resort, there is nothing stopping us have a year round place to visit. Well done to the Vale Council for investing in the council over the years from all political backgrounds, Barry Island had gone from a dirty run down place to a magnificent gem that is on the doorstep of a fabulous capital city. Yes, there have been heated political debates on the future of the town and yes I have been one to criticise plans. But I accept that the Island is now looking amazing, however the icing on the cake would be a place to stay there again.

I have been one to criticise plans. But I accept that the Island is now looking amazing

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Not only this, we could have a night venue on the site as well, and how about a water park like in Devon and Dorset, these are just some of the things for the Vale of Glamorgan Council to consider. I am sure that there could be help from the Welsh Government for Barrybados. A place to stay is the way forward, just ask the public what they would like to see on Barry Island, thus would provide a massive boost for the area. The public want it, visitors want it and I’m sure other local businesses will back this up.

I am sure no matter what political colour you support you will agree that we need more places to stay in the town. Personally, I would like to see log cabins provided overlooking the sea. Every Winter I travel down to Cornwall for a break in a log cabin, just think how many would travel to the Vale if they could stay here. Over the past few years there have been many ideas floated around to develop the area, but a camping site had always came out on top. It also give traders a welcome boost just like the days of Butlin’s.

It’s easy to ignore the wishes of the people, but I think we need to listen to them with this and deliver a camp site on Barry Island. It obviously can’t happen over night, it will need time and money. Barry needs it, and I am more than happy to support it, but to end we need to think about the future and a place to stay on the Island is definitely the way to go.