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Growing up in Barry, there always seemed a lot to do, The barrs, the cinema, roller dome, the fun fair and of course the Vibe. Previously it might have been known to you as ‘The Memo’. The under 18’s disco, that provided youngsters with an evening full of dancing, music, fun and a place to meet new people. Relationships were made, new friends were made and most of all, memories were made.

Over the course of the next week we have a number of articles to celebrate The Vibe. We have classic pictures, your favourite tracks, interviews and it will end with a special radio show on Bro Radio 98.1FM on Thursday December 29th between 7-9pm.

The Vibe has a special place in Barry history. It gave people a safe place to go and enjoy themselves, express them selves, gave people a glimpse of adulthood, a launch pad of self confidence and it created a legacy, it still comes up in conversation to this day.

The Vibe, was the brain child of Mike Bendell, Sy Joshua and others and ran from 1996-2006, with The Vibe Experience going on another 8 years or so. It was run by a number of volunteers, who then went on to continue working in youth services. The volunteers involved, became a family and still keep in touch to this day.

The Vibe discos, led onto other things too, the creation of Area 41, one of the biggest youth clubs in Barry, with queues around the block some weeks, large scale Halloween events which helped stop anti social behaviour and music workshops, which helped budding DJ’s tone their craft, in which they are still doing today.

Over the next week, we plan to take you down memory lane, we want you to re-live the vibe with us, share your memories, roll back the years and just remember how good the Vibe actually was. We have interviews from the people nvolved including Sy Joshua and Mike Bendall. But it all kicks off on Christmas eve with our first interview from former volunteer Clare Yeoman (nee Barnett) So sit back and enjoy the ride with us.

All pictures taken from the Vibe Facebook page.

The first interview with Clare Yeoman is now live, just click here.