Remembering the Barry corner at Evolution Cardiff

Evolution Cardiff, if you grew up during the early naughties and were of the right age to drink, however you define that, you probably went to the student night at Evolution nearly every Wednesday. It was the place to be and one of the last super clubs of that era. 2 rooms, full of decent music, whatever your taste, you may remember getting a burger from the top window in the corner, it was also absolute carnage trying to get a taxi on the way home, but most of all it had lots of people, in fact it was packed, nearly always packed, from the dance floor to the bar, it was literally THE place to be on a Wednesday night.

If you lived in Barry and went to Evo regularly, you may remember the ‘Barry corner’, the side Bar to the left where nearly everyone from Barry would congregate. Even if you didn’t know the many of the people, you probably knew faces and in turn, just randomly all stood in the same place. People from one group of friends knew people from another group of friends and you just ended up in the same place. The building closed around 2006, after slowly falling out of favour for student nights, as they all ended up in the centre of town and it turned into a weekend nightclub playing hardcore or hard house and teenage discos on Sundays during the latter years.
Evo might have been a big part of your life growing up, so we’ve rolled back the years and pulled out some nostalgic memories.
Here’s 8 things you probably did if you went to EVO In Cardiff:
1. You probably used your fake validate card to gain entry, or used your brothers or sisters ID to get in, even though they looked way older than you.

2. If you got refused entry, you went to the back of the queue and swapped shirts with your mate and somehow managed to sneak in. We all did it!

3. You probably drank at Rosie’s bar next door to Evo

4. You might have caught the free bus from the town centre, outside Sams Bar I believe and then went to Evo.

5. If you caught a taxi back to Barry on the way home, you know Tesco 24 hours was the place to stop for some food.

6. Having a group photo by the leopard or tiger design back drop, and then losing the photo during the night.


7. Drinking copious amounts of WKD Blue.

8. Danced up on the small podium in the main room


Not only this, we even had a think of some songs that were played back in Evo during its Heyday.

The Proclaimers – 500 miles

Fatman Scoop – Be Faithful

The Prodigy – Out of Space

DJ Sammy – Heaven

Faithless – Insomnia

Ice Cube – You Can do it

LL Cool J – Doing it

Notorious BIG – One more chance remix

Montell Jordan – Get it on tonight

Justin Timberlake – Like I love you

Evo was the place that we’re glad we went to it during the mid naughties, it was a super club and we had some of the best days of our lives there. These days it’s a gym and Rosie’s Bar is closed. Such a shame but times have changed. What are your favourite memories of Evo Cardiff? Do you remember the Barry corner?