Red Arrrows Set To Return to Barry Island

The Raf red arrows are set to return to Barry Island in 2017. This year’s event is to be held on Sunday 6th August centred on Whitmore Bay in conjunction with the ‘Barry at War’ Museum Open Day and the Toy & Train Fair at nearby Barry Island Railway Station, the headquarters of the Barry Tourist Railway.

John said, ‘Previously, the Red Arrows have attracted 40.000 people to Barry Island and we’re determined to make our 2017 event an even bigger success.

John added, “We are keen to tell people about the history of Barry, particularly, the docks, the railway and the key role Barry played in the two World Wars’. I am particularly proud of the ‘Barry at War Museum’ that has been developed at Barry Island Station by our Barry at War Volunteer Group, headed up by Glenn Booker. The museum will be open during the day of the event with ‘re-enactors’ in period uniforms and dress giving the station an authentic 1940’s atmosphere. We’re planning also to have a steam loco giving brake van rides and there’ll be the Model and Toy Fair going on!”

“Barry Island is a great place and we’re so pleased that we have secured the Red Arrows for our event. We aim to inform people of the town’s history in terms of the railway, the docks and the two world wars. Our Toy and Train Fair is also a great place to pick up a vintage toy bargain.

This year, the Barry Tourist Railway and the Barry at War Museum will bring many additional visitors to Barry’, John concluded.

The last two years has seen the event cancelled at the last minute due to weather issues, so fingers crossed that this year it goes head.

For more information contact John Buxton, Barry Tourist Railway 01446 748816


Feature Image Credit – Bro Radio