Radio Show Completes a Week Long Tribute to ‘The Vibe’

We’ve had an amazing week re-living ‘The Vibe’ here on The Daily Vale and it was all capped off last night with a special radio show that was broadcast on Bro Radio. If you missed it or would like to listen again then you can play the show below.

Throughout the week we released video interviews with some of Vibe’s most recognisable staff members.

Clare Yeoman

Usha Parmar

Rhys Jones

Sy Joshua

Tracey Downes

Mike Bendell

The Daily Vale would like to thank the following people for making this week possible;

Mike Bendell, Sy Joshua, Tracey Downes, Rhys Jones, Usha Parmar, Clare Yeoman, Jamie Lee Nugent, Kirby Lee Starr, Gareth Sweeney, The Bro Radio Team, The Memorial Hall, Barry YMCA, Barry Leisure Centre.