Our top 5 tracks from Barry Hip Hop/Grime artist Skamma’

If you grew up in Barry, then you’ve probably heard of ‘Skamma’ – The Barry hip hop and grime artist, who has produced many great tracks over the years. He was part of the Barry Hip Hop collective known as squid ninjaz and had an epic freestyle battle against Pike, as part of ‘Don’t flop’, if you haven’t seen this, its an absolute must watch. BUT NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED

So, here at The Daily Vale, we’ve picked our top 5 tracks from Skamma!

5 – The Wishing Chair

Summer beats, summer vibes and filmed in Barry. What more could you want?

4 –  Out of Ammo

Part of his bedroom bangers EP and released in 2005.

3 – The Ringmaster

Produced my Squid Ninjaz alumni – Metabeats(Earl Jeffers), dark and lyrically destructive!

2 – Bassline Flex

Probably one of his most prominent tracks in recent years. This track, produced by Stagga and explores the grime world. Video filmed to perfection and even has a cameo from the Selby brothers.

1 – Barry Town Streets

Not sure what it is about this song, but it just fits together perfectly. The beat and lyrics, just go hand in hand and flows simultaneously to tell the story of the Hip Hop of scene, whilst growing up in Barry.

Do you have a favourite Skamma track? Let us know in the comments.