Main stream music acts that played at The Vibe

Our Celebration of ‘The Vibe’ is in full swing, you’ve already seen a number of interviews and they will continue until Thursday, where the finale will be on Bro Radio at 7pm. Over the years, The Vibe attracted many main stream music acts who played at Vibe Events. So we’re about to take a little trip down memory lane!

N Dubz

Dappy, Tulisa and co, came all the way down to Barry to play a show in front of hundreds of screaming teenagers.


Big Brovaz

Vibe had the Nu Flow, and the kids loved it!

Fun*dmental 03

3 of a Kind

One hit wonders, these played at Barry leisure during the latter years of The Vibe.

Roll Deep

One of the last acts to play at Vibe Events.

Also, Beat box fozzy, garage DJ – Ritchie Vibe Vee and of course Wiley, who was booked, but he never turned up!

Have we missed anyone out?