Improving Learning Through Virtual Reality!

Barry Island Primary School is currently working with Avantis, an Award Winning Educational technology company. The company has developed state-of the-art Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets for education. Learners are able to view 360 degree film footage and become immersed into a virtual environment.

Matt Gilbert, Headteacher, stated,

“The use of Virtual Reality provides learners with wonderful opportunities to experience locations around the world. Such footage also includes life in the trenches during WW2, marine life, The Great Wall of China, amongst others. Pupils are provided with unbelievable experiences to enhance learning. The possibilities are endless.”

Currently, pupils are trialling Virtual Reality to further improve skills in descriptive writing. Jake, a Year 6 pupil commented, “Virtual Reality is so much better than looking at a picture. When using VR everything comes to life. It has already improved my ideas to create similes and metaphors based on the chosen topic.”

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