Cllr Richard Bertin Calls for improvements to dangerous road

A BARRY Councillor is renewing his calls for road safety improvements following the tragic death of a teenager.

Councillor Richard Bertin, who represents the Court Ward, is to ask the Highways Department if they will consider improving the safety of Barry Road between the junctions of Davies Street and Llewellyn Street.

He says parking outside the Post Office has been a Pact priority for about five years in the Court Ward and local residents have continually asked for improvements to be made on one of the town’s busiest roads.

There have been several incidents involving two teenagers lately and also a Police Car.

Residents have often complained that it is difficult to cross at this blind bend with parking and motorists often have near misses as they try to pass through with the parking on both sides.

Councillor Bertin says although this is currently a very sensitive issue, in light of what has happened action now needs to happen for the council to make improvements in this area.

Independent Councillor Richard Bertin said: ” I am sorry to hear of this tragic death and my thoughts and prayers are with Morgan Ackerman’s family at this time.

I would now urge the Vale of Glamorgan Council to listen to the concerns of local residents and make Barry Road safer at this location.

I personally feel that there should be a total ban on parking on the block surrounding the Post Office to improve visibility and for a crossing to be installed at the Witchell.”

He is also going to ask if the Vale Council would kindly install a bench at the green space opposite the Witchell Pub in memory of teenager Morgan.

A petition is about to be launched calling on the Vale of Glamorgan Council to make road safety improvements on Barry Road which will be made available to sign at surrounding stores and Jenner Park School.