Battle of the Christmas Ads

It’s that time of year again when the big supermarkets and retailers start releasing their big budget Christmas blockbuster adverts. John Lewis are usually front runners but arguably lost the title of best ad last year to Sainsbury’s ‘Mog the Cat.’

1 year on, John Lewis have a point to prove and Sainsbury’s will be trying to hold on to the top spot. Many have argued that Waitrose have nailed it this year.

Here’s our Top 5 this year…. So far

1. John Lewis – Buster The Boxer

John Lewis appear to have slightly changed their stance. In previous years they’ve tried to get us in-store by the power of tears. This year is a little different, they’ve gone for humour and it has paid off and for us have re-gained their Christmas Ad Crown. There is a potential lump-in-throat moment as Buster jumps onto the trampoline however.

2. Waitrose – Home For Christmas

This is a very close second, the story of a robin reuniting with it’s partner on Christmas Day to share a mince pie. It’s a great piece fantastically put together that makes you feel al lwarm inside.

3. Sainsbury’s – The Greatest Gift

Couldn’t work out if this was James Corden or Nizlopi voicing this number… It’s James Corden which then made me think they spent an awful lot of money on getting him…When they could have got Nizlopi for far less I imagine.. Anyway…. The reason Sainsbury’s don’t get top spot here is because they’ve over done it. It’s basically an animated music video.

4. M&S – With Love From Mrs Claus

There’s a late present request at The Claus household but Santa has already left. Not to worry, Mrs Claus just happens to have a helicopter and accompanying license.

5. Aldi – Kevin The Carrot

This is the story of Kevin the Carrot who wanted to meet Santa. Aldi have done well here creating a cute carrot that everyone will love. I’m almost disappointed they didn’t spoof John Lewis this year though.

Your favourite not here or you disagree with our Top 5? Let us know in the comments.