Barry’s Real Ale Guide has had more than 3.1 million views!

The Real Ale Guide, which was set up by ale lover Simon Martin from Barry has now had more than 3.1 million views online, reaching the target he wanted to achieve by the end of 2016.

Dad of three Simon, started off reviewing beers in 2011 but the passion for ale has always been in his family.

“My family from father to Grandfathers have always drank Bitter and Real Ales so it was always there really. From the age of 12 I would have the odd half of bitter at a family party. The reason for me starting the beer channel was I began to take an interest in bottled real ales from around the UK, I opened a bottle one day and sat and watched a mobile phone unboxing video on Youtube, once that finished I searched for the beer I was drinking on Youtube and hey presto only an American had reviewed it and I felt he got a lot of the description of the beer wrong so I decided to give it a go myself.”

The response to his reviews has been phenomenal and averages around 150,000 each month, but it didn’t start that way explains Simon.

“The response has been phenomenal, it started off with a few views here and there, maybe 10 views per video to begin with and now we are viewed over 150,000 times a month with 3.1 Million views in total. Lots of viewers get in touch and send me beer from the country they watch from as they want to know what I think about their favourite beers.”

As his passion for ale grew, he decided to launch his own brand of ale, including the widely popular ‘Barry Island IPA’ which is well known within Barry and can be found at some national stores like Tesco and Morrisons.

“Well I first brewed a beer with Britain’s oldest brewer Shepherd Neame back in 2011 and since then have brewed over 20 beers with breweries from all over the world, some of the stand outs are Barry Island IPA with Brains Brewery which is sold nationally in Tesco & Morrison stores, Call Me Simon with Browar Pinta in Poland & Hoppy Simon with Lysefjorden Mikrobryggeri in Norway which is thought to be the worlds best Double IPA.”

So, after trying and reviewing hundreds of ales, does Simon have a favourite? of course he does:

“I am a sucker for hops so I will always head for a Pale Ale, IPA or a Double IPA. but other styles I really like are Imperial Stouts, Belgian Dubbel’s and quirky beers like Peanut Butter Porters”

Some of his most popular videos aren’t even reviews, it was a Budweiser spoof commercial that sounds out. Simon commented:

“I have a bit of a comical side so when Budweiser attacked the Craft Beer industry I hit back with my popular Budweiser car wash video, that video is viewed over 1000 times a month and you will see it on the launch page of my channel.”

Simon also likes broadcasting live on Instagram, where he has nearly 30,000 followers and can be found here

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