Barrybados – Figuring out winter on Barry Island

How can we utilise the space at Barry Island more during winter? On the back of a fantastic display of fireworks which is put on annually by Barry Rotary Club, not a lot goes on during the winter months down the Island.

The question is why? Is Barry Island now dependant on good weather during the spring and summer or does it has potential to make use of the space which is there during the winter months. The summer has plenty of attractions and events but things seem to die down around September(ish).

If there is one thing Barry Island is blessed with, its space and lots of it and of course under cover space at each end of the promenade, not to mention two massive car parks.

I know the weather is hard to predict during October-February, but I’m sure there could be something going on down the Island to attract people to the resort and in turn, traders could benefit.

I look at Ice Central, which is fabulous idea and something that Barry will benefit from and I totally understand why it is being held at central park, which is another great space in Barry. It will hopefully boost foot fall at a much needed Barry Town centre during the Christmas period, but is it not possible to have something down Barry Island or similar, which will make it a ‘year round resort’?. Events such as the New Years Day swim and the firework display attracts thousands which is great for the town in general.

High Street puts on a Christmas market a few times a year, again, could Barry Island not benefit from something like this? What about a Santa’s grotto? Or something similar.

I’m not sure who’s responsibility it would be for helping to get footfall to Barry Island during the winter, the council, traders, community organisations? but I’m sure if heads were put together, something could happen that could work for everyone, traders, locals and visitors. The fairground is on the rise, there’s plenty of cafes down there, so the final ingredient would be to find out what to do during the winter months and trying to attract visitors.

The only thing holding it back I suppose is the weather, which is very hard to predict. We’ve been blessed with a long patch of quite mild and dry weather so far this autumn period, so the weekends have attracted a fair few people for walks down the Island, but if the weather wasn’t so great what would happen? it’s really tough, but there is a lot of space there and I’m sure something could happen.

Anyway, this is just our thoughts, we love the Island and think there is so much potential which hasn’t been unlocked yet. What do you think would work during the winter months at Barry Island? Let us know in the comments!