Barrybados donate carriage for ‘Barry Eye’ official launch

The Barry Island ferris wheel, or the ‘Barry Eye’ as it has been nicknamed by us Barrians, is due to Launch on October 22nd. If you haven’t been on the ride, the views are spectacular from the top.

The owners of Barry Island Pleasure Park are selling carriages for £50 for the week, with all money being donated to charity. In return for sponsoring a carriage, you get a banner made up, which will be placed on the carriage for the week and a ride on the wheel for the official launch, which will be officially opened by the Mayor of Barry.

Louis Ross and Rhys Howell, co-owners of Barrybados, have purchased 2 carriages and have decided to donate to their former primary school, All Saints Church in Wales. Louis Ross said:

“When we first heard of what was going on, we wanted to do something big. The Barry eye, will be the new iconic feature synonymous with Barry, like the old log flume used to be, so we wanted to try and get the community involved more, we juggled a few ideas around, and then I said to Rhys, why don’t we go back to our roots, and get our former primary school involved. We grew up within 500 yards of the school and both attended the school, so it would be like going back to our roots. If we both didn’t attend this school, maybe there wouldn’t be a Barrybados, who knows. “

“I spoke to Aled Williams, who has bought items off us before and suggested the idea to him and how we wanted to give former pupils a chance to be part of this momentous occasion, and he thought it was great idea, so we knew straight away it would be a fantastic event”

Rhys Howell commented: “This will be like going back 25 years or so, we’re going back to our roots, and showing the community spirit in which Barry, as a town has. We’re proud to have went to All Saints school and hope to build a new relationship with the school for years to come”

All Saints School were delighted to have been contacted by former pupils and can’t wait to be there for the launch. The school said the following:

“As a school we were very pleased to have been contacted by two former pupils Louis & Rhys, with regards to the upcoming Barry Eye launch. As a faith school with have strong set of values and beliefs and truly understand the importance of both family and the community.”

“Both Louis & Rhys also share these values and beliefs, which has led them to return to their roots to donate a carriage on the Barry Eye to the school. Both the gentleman went to All Saints Primary School and lived within 500 yards of the school. The school has had a huge impact on their lives and as they have said, ‘that without the school, there probably wouldn’t be a Barrybados’.”
“This wonderfully kind and thoughtful gesture has enabled us to attend the official launch but more importantly allow our school community to be a part of the continued regeneration and celebration of Barry.”
“Both Louis & Rhys are true aspirational figures and role models for our pupils. The children are able to see how through hard work and a strong sense of community anything is possible. We are very proud that they are still part of our school family and as they still know to this day, ‘as many hands build a house, so many hearts make a school’.”

The ‘Barry Eye’ launches on October 22nd, and will be unveiled by the Mayor of Barry.

Picture credit – @worldofoddy on Twitter



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