Back To November’s Final Interview

If you live in Barry, you’ve probably been to a pub, bar, mini festival or garden party and seen Back To November play. From the Glenbrook to GlastonBARRY, the quartet of Joel Avaient, Dan Saunders, Jack Bloomfield and Edan Edwards, have given their all to entertain crowds and music lovers what ever the occasion may be. Having formed back in October 2011 and mainly starting with covers, they eventually released a debut EP ‘Without Reason’ as well as a full feature album ‘One Small Step’, moving on from covers to writing original music with a meaning.

People don’t understand how well regarded these guys are on the local music scene, they are, in fact, the only band to be booked and perform at EVERY GlastonBARRY. That is a testament in its self, especially as last years GlastonBARRY had over 5000 people during the weekend.

We managed to catch up with the lads after their final gig at Academy Espresso Bar, to get some final words before they all go their separate ways.


So, guys, you played last ever Gig at the Academy Espresso Bar on new years eve, how did you all feel?

Edan – Very excited but also very anxious. We played at Academy at the start of 2016 and it was great fun, but this time emotions were higher as it’s our last ever gig.

Dan – It was a strange feeling. A feeling of being very emotional but very proud. I couldn’t wait!

You’ve been together a number of years now, how has it been?

Edan – Unforgettable. Personally for me I never thought I’d even be in a band, it was something I’d always dreamed of but never thought I’d get a chance to form or join one. We’ve made some amazing memories that I will never ever forget.

Dan – It’s been great! We’ve met some amazing people along the way and played at some amazing venues and it’s just been a right laugh to be able to do this with your best friends.

When did you realise it was time to split?

Edan – For me personally, it was the right time to call it a day. I was super proud of what we had done and what we have achieved, but we all had very different visions of what to do next. As the gig was on New Years Eve I knew it would be a special one to finish on, and down Academy which is one of my favourite places too.

Dan – I personally didn’t want to split as I thought there was so much more we could give as a band if we were to try harder. But I understand that we all wanted to go in different directions so it was unfortunately inevitable. But at least we can walk away as best friends with our heads held high.

Can each of you pick your favourite memories?

Edan – Launching our album “One Small Step”. Amazing gig, amazing turnout, amazing night. All our hard work led up to it and it was totally worth it.

Dan – Lots of amazing memories so it’s hard to choose really, but I’d have to say performing at Peter Whittingham’s (Cardiff City Footballer) wedding is definitely up there!

Joel – Our EP launch for “Without Reason”. It was the first time we’d ever done anything like that, and I loved every second of it.

Jack – I have way too many favourite memories to pick from, it’s impossible!

What does the future hold for each of you?

Edan – I’ve got some plans in mind at the moment to start in 2017. Music is one of the few things I’m actually good at and love, so hopefully these plans can come to life.

Dan – I’m going to be doing a lot of travelling this year and exploring new amazing places. I will also be working on my own music and other creative industries.

Joel – For the past few months I’ve been doing my own stuff in the recording studio, so for now I will be focusing on that. Exciting times!

Jack – I would like to pursue music, I’ve enjoyed what we have done with the band and would like to keep that ball rolling. I’d like to find myself.

What would you like to say to all your fans who have supported you over the past few years?

BTN – Words can’t describe how grateful we are. Never in a million years did we expect such amazing support, everyone has been amazing. We will never ever forget what you have done for us, it’s meant the world to us all. We are eternally grateful.

Your final words as Back To November

BTN – We’d just like to say a special thank you to our families. Without them, none of this would have happened. They supported us in every little way possible. They never ever gave up on us, always believed in us, and gave us a kick up the backside when needed. Nearly every gig we could look out and they would be there, front row every time without fail, sometimes even at weddings they weren’t invited to! But it all means the world to us, and we hope we have made you proud with what we have done and achieved.

From everyone in Barry and all your fans, thanks for the music and performances over the years!

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