A Ducking Mad Business Idea!

Have you ever thought of sending your friend or loved one a personalised rubber duck with a message on it?….No….. Neither had we, but apparently its a thing, in fact, it’s more than thing its a business in the Vale.

Callum Young, a 16 year old entrepreneur set up the business, ‘Ducks in Mail’ in 2015 when he was bored of getting the same old greeting and birthday cards, he said:

“The idea came about when I was getting frustrated of sending people the same old greetings cards each year. When I gave people greetings cards, most of the time I could tell by their expressions the feeling of being excited to receive a greetings card was no longer there. It seemed that there was really no point of giving someone a greetings cards since all they would do with it is just store it in a box somewhere under their bed after they had opened it”

The idea itself is based on a similar idea in America called ‘Potato Parcel’, where, you guessed it, allows you to send a potato with a personal message on! Callum saw this idea, and wanted to offer a similar service, that was good quality, cheap and practical, he commented:

“I wanted to provide something different which would re-generate the thrill and excitement of receiving a greetings message as well as providing something for the recipient to look back at in a few years time and remember about it. Something a potato could not offer”

The business started when Callum was just 15 years old from just £50 and he managed to get his first sale within a week. Since then, it’s been hot and cold on the business but slowly picking up! Callum states the business is like marmite.

“The response from Ducks In Mail has varied, some people like the idea and others don’t. I like to think of Ducks In Mail being the equivalent to marmite although the majority seem to like the whole idea”

So there we have it, a teenage entrepreneur with a unique idea. So if, you’re thinking of buying your partner a card for birthday, you now have an option of sending a rubber duck! It’s Quackers (lame joke).

Ducks In Mail is an online based store. You can find it at www.ducksinmail.co.uk on Twitter and Facebook links, Twitter: @DucksInMail Facebook: /DucksInMail



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