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Asia-Pacific Data Center Cooling Market

Data center cooling market is expected to gain market growth with CAGR of 17.7% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028.

The data center uses a lot of electricity to power the electronic network components incorporated into its facility. These data centers range in size and provide a lot of computational power to different end-users. This computational power puts a lot of load on the electronic components and produces heat, this increases the temperature of the facility hosting the IT infrastructure. It becomes vital to maintain the integrity of the operational facility by maintaining the temperature to prevent any damage to the mission-critical networking components in the facility. The data center cooling infrastructure is a vital component in any data center to maintain the temperature and humidity inside the facility for energy efficiency and system protection.

The major factors driving the growth of the data center cooling market are surge in the number of data centers and their power density and increasing emphasis on energy efficiency in data centers. Developments in more sustainable ways of data center cooling is creating opportunities for the growth of the market. Leakages in the cooling system can damage critical equipment in the data center is acting as the major restraint for data center cooling market. Reduction in data center carbon footprint is acting as a major challenge for the growth of the market.


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