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Venipuncture Procedure Analysis Market

Venipuncture is a medical procedure that involves the puncturing of a vein to gain intravenous access for the purpose of collecting the blood for sample or for intravenous injection. Therefore, in a venepuncture procedure, a needle is used to collect the sample blood from a vein which in turn is sent to the laboratory for analytical purposes. Venipuncture procedure is also used to remove the excess red blood cells count in the body.

Upsurge in the number of government initiatives in regards to the technological advancements in the testing and diagnosing instruments is one of the major factors fostering the growth of the market. Rising prevalence of a wide range of blood disorders is another market growth determinant. Ever- rising rate of cardiac arrests amongst geriatric population, increase in the expenditure to promote medical tourism and growing personal disposable income are other important factors that will further generate lucrative market growth opportunities.

However, lack of standardization in the developing and underdeveloped economies will derail the market growth rate. High maintenance costs will further pose challenges for the market. Unfavourable reimbursement policies, dearth of skilled medical professionals in developing countries, lack of professional trainings and the non-availability of procedures to use the device by the medical employees will also hamper the market growth rate.


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