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Borrego and FirstLight Power have teamed up to bring more renewable energy to New England

To deliver more renewable energy to New England, FirstLight Power, a top clean supplier of renewable power and energy storage solutions, today announced a collaboration with Borrego, a leader in the field, EPC, and O&M supplier for large-scale renewable power projects across the United States. Borrego will oversee development activities at FirstLight’s hydroelectric power plants in Massachusetts and Connecticut to build new distributed generation (DG) solar, DG storage, as well as utility-scale standalone storage as part of the agreement. The agreement will hasten the development of novel integrated renewable energy and storage portfolios, allowing wholesale and retail consumers in New England to benefit from higher-value solutions.

“I’m excited to work with Borrego to help expedite New England’s transition to a fully decarbonized electric grid by bringing innovative new solar as well as energy storage offerings to clients in Massachusetts and Connecticut,” said Alicia Barton, FirstLight’s President, and CEO. “Borrego has a long history of delivering best-in-class renewable power projects to reality, and this agreement will allow FirstLight to strengthen our position as New England’s leading owner-operator of renewable energy and energy storage.”

The new partnership will focus on integrating solar and storage into FirstLight’s current hydropower plants in a way that prioritizes dependability, affordability, and equity. FirstLight already has the largest inventory of renewable power generation activities in New England, and this collaboration will help the firm achieve its goal of creating a clean, cheap, reliable, and egalitarian electric system. The additional developments will create jobs in the community and expand FirstLight’s already significant economic development impact. Borrego’s collaboration with FirstLight will aid in the development of unique hybrid renewables alternatives in New England, integrating solar and energy storage capabilities with current power, according to Jared Connell, who works as the Vice President of Project Development for Borrego in New England. “We’re looking forward to working with FirstLight because of their daring ideas on aggressive decarbonization.”

FirstLight’s current hydropower portfolio in Connecticut and Massachusetts will benefit from the new storage and solar assets. The collaborative cooperation will also introduce a different generation of hybrid renewable power resources to New England’s grid, demonstrating how various clean energy technologies may be blended to maximize system value.

FirstLight Power (FirstLight) is a prominent clean power producer, developer, and energy storage firm in New England, with a portfolio that includes roughly 1,400 megawatts (MW) of pumped-hydro storage, hydroelectric generation, battery storage, and solar generation – the region’s largest clean energy production portfolio.


Borrego provides a wide range of renewable energy solutions and has a proven track record of success in the hundreds of big solar and energy storage facilities it has created, built, and maintained across the United States. It was founded in 1980 and has field headquarters in Massachusetts, California, and New York, as well as a national presence.

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