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Doctor Claims the Level Of Bloodstream in 2022

The doctor claims that the level of Ddimer in the bloodstream under normal conditions is zero or very low After vaccination these rates remain normal as immunizers do not show blood clotting as a common reaction Therefore if there is no change in the level of Ddimer in the body there is no reason to be tested Daher.

Emphasizes that thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are rare adverse events since billions of doses have already been applied and the number of cases of pulmonary embolism or thrombosis was very small.

In addition to being unnecessary the exam has costs if you do not have medical advice In some consulted laboratories we found the DDimer test for values between R85 and R259 A high cost for an exam that will not bring benefits for monitoring the health of people without the disease

A study published in the British Medical Journal BMJ in August of that year compared the medical data of 29 million people who received the first dose of the vaccines between December 2020 and April 2021 with those information from nearly two million people who tested positive for the new coronavirus So far this is the largest research carried out in this area.

The findings point to a higher risk of developing blood clot thrombosis from Covid disease than for vaccinated people For example the chances of developing a venous thrombosis is nearly 200 times greater with the disease caused by the coronavirus 12614 additional cases out of 10 million people than with the AstraZeneca immunizer 66 additional cases.

During the audio the woman talks about other false news involving Covid immunizations At no time does she identify herself or give elements so that her husbands case told in the audio can be identified.

The woman only claims to have been a medicine propagandist for years and that because of that she would know a lot about Medicine In addition to recommending the test which is unnecessary she makes other false claims about the vaccines that have already been disproved in previous checks.

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