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Felipe Identified More Processes For Suspicion

Felipe had already been identified in other processes on suspicion of using his helicopters to transport drugs although this facet of his performance is not the object of this complaint wrote the MPF Also according to the complaint traffickers had help de Morais to transport the amount of money and jewels seized in addition to several purchases of goods with values of criminal origin

The indictment also pointed out that Morais had handled nearly R 3 million in five years with most of the credit being linked to unidentified people Also according to the complaint Felipe used his mothers name as an orange The family members name was used as the owner of a helicopter that actually belonged to Wagner Ferreira da Silva Hair Duro who participated in the deaths of Gegê do Mangue and Paca but was murdered in the east side of São Paulo a few days later.

One of the more than 50 attachments to the Morais statement points out that Hair Duro earned up to R 450 million per year from drug trafficking.

In a broader sense it is possible to infer even with some certainty and based on known elements of Felipe Ramos Morais previous link with drug trafficking that the direct or indirect origin of the income employed is the crime of drug trafficking either whether the declined information is genuine that it is an aircraft.

Belonging to the leadership of the CCP or not however in itself it is not implausible and the evidence in the case file was not able to link it to the concealment of the others accused according to the Federal Court Therefore the judge ruled that otherwise there is not enough evidence to convict the defendant.

The pilot denied the charges of association for drug trafficking to the courts As for money laundering the king asked that a court pardon be applied for the signed plea agreement In the judicial questioning Morais declared a monthly income of approximately R 100000 coming from his profession as a helicopter pilot farmer and businessman.

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