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Federal Court Started New Objection in Rule after 34 Years

The Federal Court of Campo Grande Mato Grosso acquitted last Thursday 16 the 34 year helicopter pilot Felipe Ramos Morais who was accused by the MPF Federal Public Ministry of having committed the crimes of money laundering and drug trafficking association

Detained between May 2018 and April 2021 the pilot made a successful declaration In it he denounced criminal practices that culminated in at least two operations by the PF Federal Police which had the objective of laundering money from the Paulo criminal faction Since his release he has lived in hiding as he is seen as the CCPs current number 1 enemy

The decision to acquit him was taken by federal judge Bruno Cezar da Cunha Teixeira from the 3rd Federal Court of Campo Grande The magistrate argued that there was a lack of evidence In addition to the pilot four other defendants were acquitted However the judge convicted another 15 people accused by the MPF of the same crimes

According to the MPFs complaint Morais had direct and frequent contact with members of the PCC Despite presenting himself as the owner of an air transport company and a helicopter pilot with monthly income of up to R 100000 the prosecution accuses him of providing services to the São Paulo faction for years transporting drugs and people

The pilot himself in the statement made within the prison obtained by Record TVs Investigative Journalism Nucleus admitted having made flights to the PCC Among these flights he admitted to having piloted the helicopter.

That took to his death in Ceará in February 2018 de Simone alias Gegê do Mangue and Fabiano Alves de Souza Paca considered until then the main leaders of the São Paulo criminal faction in freedom.

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