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TSE Superior Electoral Court To Start New Elections in 2022

The plenary of the TSE Superior Electoral Court decided that if Congress does not pass a law that sets limits on campaign spending the Court itself can do so through a resolution By 7 votes to 0 the ministers decided that it is up to the Legislative to regulate the issue but that in the absence of action by Parliament the Electoral Court can decide.

The ministers responded to a question from deputy Adriana Ventura Novo In the 2018 elections the subject was the subject of a law approved in 2017 For the office of President of the Republic it was regulated that the spending ceiling would be R70 million for the first round of elections If the election went to the second round as it actually happened R35 million would be added.

In campaigns for federal deputy the spending limit was set at R 25 million and for state or district deputy at R 1 million per campaign For senator and governor the values change according to the population of the region where the candidate is running

In the last election for example the limit was R28 million for governor and senator campaigns in states with up to 1 million inhabitants For all these reasons I answer this question in the affirmative in the sense that this Court in the silence of the legislator can through the regulatory power assigned to it by law set the spending ceiling for the electoral campaign wrote the minister Mauro Campbell rapporteur of the action at the TSE.

The Constitution determines that laws that amend electoral legislation passed less than one year before an election are not valid for the next election The TSE did not respond about deadlines for the Legislature to set the ceiling on electoral spending.

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