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The president STaid That He Already Knows The Minister’s Position In The Process That Judges The Demarcation Of Indigenous Lands

President Jair Bolsonaro stated this Wednesday 8 that the future minister of the STF Supreme Federal Court André Mendonça will vote for our side in relation to the timeframe of indigenous lands The case under analysis by the Court was suspended after a request for a review by magistrate Alexandre de Moraes.

André Mendonça will do his job For example on conservative agendas I dont even need to talk to him On economic agendas Im sure what his position is in relation to the time frame because as AGU Attorney General of the Union and minister of Justice worked with me against this issue that is in the STF Bolsonaro said Its 1 to 1 still in the vote and we already know that André Mendonça will be a vote for our side Its not influence peddling its just that we already know given his behavior he added.

The statements were given by the head of the Executive in an interview with a portal Bolsonaro was also asked about the delay in Mendonças hearing at the Senates CCJ Committee on Constitution and Justice chaired by senator Davi Alcolumbre DEMAP who worked against the appointment of the future minister.

It has nothing to do in my opinion with the evangelical issue Its the system the establishment a group of people 20 30 who dont communicate very often but have a common interest And a chair in the STF is interesting to the system And André Mendonça did not fit into the system he said.

Bolsonaro also assesses that the delay in scheduling his second nominee for the STF the first was Nunes Marques ended up helping Mendonça In the beginning it wasnt put on the agenda because I thought the name would pass but I think its the opposite The more it passed the better it was for Andrés approval.

Last weekend Bolsonaro said that Petrobras would announce a reduction in fuel prices The information however was denied by the stateowned company which in a statement said that there was still no decision on a possible adjustment The episode led the CVM Securities Commission an autarchy of the Ministry of Economy to open an administrative process to determine whether there was anticipation or leakage of information.

During the interview the Chief Executive was asked about the topic It wasnt privileged information You dont need to have a crystal ball to say that Isnt it the PPI Import Parity Price The price with international quality So you have to comply he said.

The president was also asked about the socalled vaccine passport a document that proves immunization against Covid19 and which is adopted in at least 20 Brazilian capitals.

If I make a decision I can be contradicted later and the governor and the mayor are the ones who decide right there And the STF was threatening via minister Luís Roberto Barroso demanding the passport We put the test and the quarantine and I think I was satisfied For my part I didnt take the vaccine and Im not going to take the vaccine Its my right Even because the adverse effects are enormous Its freedom.

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