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The Chief Executive Once Again Criticized Sergio Moro

After more than three years of the stab wound he suffered during the 2018 election campaign President Jair Bolsonaro PL said on Thursday 9 that Sergio Minister of Justice and Public Security at the time of investigation of the case Moro did not engage in the investigation Bolsonaro said he was thinking about the possibility of his daughter Laura Bolsonaro becoming an orphan.

Im 66 years old Ive lived a lot and I ask God to live a little longer so that my 11yearold daughter can grow up When I was stabbed what I thought most was whether my daughter would become an orphan and a lot of people cheering The Federal Police I dont say the PF the Minister of Justice at the time did not engage in the investigation he said.

Could the principals be people we least expect What interested me dead I was growing up and the election was a matter of time Dont say I was elected because there was no fraud please dont say that the truth is there he added.

The statements were given during a ceremony alluding to the International Day Against Corruption at Palácio do Planalto in Brasília.

The attack against Bolsonaro took place on September 6 2018 in the city of Juiz de Fora in Minas Gerais during an electoral campaign Recently the PF reopened investigations into the attack to identify who financed the defense of the perpetrator of the attack Adélio Bispo de Oliveira The procedure was resumed after a decision by the TRF1 Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region.

During the event Bolsonaro asked the audience to raise their hand who had contracted the new coronavirus and taken hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin drugs without proven efficacy against Covid19 Several people including many army generals who were at the scene raised their hands.

The CPI of Covid in the Senate decided to incriminate me because of this labeling me as a charlatan Wheres the freedom They shut up the doctors in Brazil Bolsonaro said afterwards adding that he was saved by the two drugs.

The chief executive recalled the arrest of his ally federal deputy Daniel Silveira PSLSP I cannot understand a parliamentarian being imprisoned for seven months And if he made a mistake as we all can make mistakes it would never be for that What is the limit of certain people in Brazil he questioned.

Silveira was arrested on February 16 of this year following a decision by Minister Alexandre de Moraes of the STF Supreme Federal Court in the context of the confidential investigation that investigates threats offenses and false news fired against judges of the Court and their families.

Put yourself in that persons shoes Many talk not to talk about it Im defending freedom the Constitution he said There is no point in that Nobody can be authoritarian in this country Did it hurt my heart to see a colleague in prison It hurt he added at another point in his speech.

Bolsonaro also criticized the impeachment of state deputy Fernando Francischini PSLPR which took place on October 28 this year by the TSE Superior Electoral Court The lawmaker is accused of spreading fake news on election day 2018 This was the first time an elected person has been out of office because of false news setting a precedent for similar cases.

For the Chief Executive the action has become fashionable I dont talk to him Francischini after three months I took office in 2019 He had his life and I had mine That cant happen my God in heaven he said We are witnessing arbitrary acts in Brazil with constancy It is not a criticism an offense to a Power this is an observation.

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