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Government Acts To Maintain Senate Text

After an agreement was reached between the presidents of the Chamber Arthur Lira PPAL and of the Senate Rodrigo Pacheco DEMMG to slice the PEC Proposal to amend the Constitution of the Precatório the government leader in Senate Fernando Bezerra.

MDBPE guarantees that the government will act in the Chamber so that deputies maintain the text approved by the senators In the Senate the PEC underwent changes in several points and therefore had to be returned to the Chamber for further analysis.

The governments commitment is to defend the Senate text So Deputy Ricardo Barros government leader in the Chamber will work with the House leaders to be able to sustain the text approved in the Senate Bezerra told R7 on Wednesday 8 He admits that there are points of divergence on the part of some leaders in the Chamber in relation to excerpts of the text approved by the Senate.

The main divergence is regarding the removal of court orders related to Fundef Funding for the Maintenance and Development of Elementary Education and the Valorization of Teaching from the expenditure ceiling and its payment in three years as of April 2022 In the Senate this is it was a demand mainly from the PSD the second largest caucus in the House and the opposition.

That would be the biggest difficulty The others I think are reasonably well understood understood and have a very high chance of being maintained in the text of the Senate stated Bezerra.

The processing of a PEC is different from that of common projects as the text promulgated by the table of both houses must be the same approved by deputies and senators.

Thus regimentally it would be possible to promulgate only the excerpts of consensus approved in an identical manner making a division between points of the matter which is being called slicing.

In order to speed up the approval of the PEC which is the governments bet to finance the Auxílio Brasil social program with installments of 400 it was decided to promulgate this Wednesday.

The sections where there is consensus among the two houses The enactment takes place at 330 pm in the plenary of the Senate The forecast is that with this a fiscal space in the order of R 60 billion will be opened.

The remaining Lira guaranteed that it will be analyzed in the plenary of the Chamber next Tuesday 14 If not analyzed the government may have to pay the precatório debts that the Union is obligated to pay because the resources in Justice have already been exhausted for next year in the order of 89 billion.

After approval in the Chamber of Deputies the text underwent changes to gain support from senators such as linking the open fiscal space to social purposes and the maximum limit for payment of court orders valid until 2026 and not until 2036 as I wanted the government.

The main questioning point was the fiscal space opened in the 2022 Budget in the order of BRL 1061 billion due to the fear on the part of senators that the amount could be used for purposes other than those informed by the government such as amendments of rapporteur To resolve this impasse the Senate included in the text the binding of fiscal space.

To open up this space the proposal sets a ceiling on the amount to be paid in court orders next year the amount would be approximately R41 billion The text also changes the calculation of the spending ceiling fiscal austerity rule that limits the increase in federal spending to the previous years budget adjusted for inflation which also opens up fiscal space.

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