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Biden Addresses The Summit Of Democracy For Representatives Through Virtual Meeting

The President of the United States Joe Biden receives this Thursday 9 representatives from more than 100 countries at a Summit for Democracy The meeting takes place virtually due to the Covid19 pandemic.

In his opening speech Biden defended press freedom Democracies are not all the same but we have to stand up in defense of the values that unite us justice the rule of law freedom of expression and freedom of the press he said.

He announced a fund to protect investigative journalism around the world and also pointed out that more women and people from the LGBTQIA community need to be brought into politics Biden said that next year he will launch a 224 million project to support transparent and accountable governments and to support the media.

For two days in addition to representatives of the invited countries the summit will bring together NGOs companies philanthropic organizations and legislatures Biden stressed that the goal is not to claim that our democracies are perfect or that we have all the answers but to reaffirm our commitment to making our democracies better.

Before the meeting the list of countries invited to the meeting created an atmosphere of tension Biden left out China and Russia but included Taiwan an island that the Chinese government considers part of its territory.

President Jair Bolsonaro was invited to participate in the meeting But in Latin America and the Caribbean the governments of eight countries were excluded Nicaragua Cuba Bolivia El Salvador Honduras Guatemala Haiti and Venezuela.

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