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Science and Technology Senate To Start Upgrade

Fábio Faria told the CCT Commission on Science and Technology of the Senate this Wednesday 8 that all cities in Brazil including rural areas will have internet with at least 4G until the end the implementation of 5G in the country scheduled for 2028 the country currently has 5570 municipalities.

Until the end of these obligations implementation of 5G no city no locality no rural community will be without internet said the minister In all 9800 locations will have at least 4G technology said Faria

The minister participated in a semiattendance public hearing at the commission at the request of senator Jean Paul Prates PTRN The objective of the collegiate was to clarify doubts about the implantation of 5G in Brazil The PT parliamentarian chaired the session

Companies that won the event now have obligations provided for in the contract Among the commitments are to bring 5G coverage to all capitals and cities with more than 30000 inhabitants ensure 4G internet on federal highways and locations with no connection deploy fiber optic network in locations with little or no connectivity infrastructure

Implement the Integrated and Sustainable Amazon Program Parents and the project for the private communication network of the federal public administration pay for the migration from satellite TV to satellite TV and investing in connectivity projects in schools

The notice has targets set annually The first ones expire in July 2022 when all Brazilian capitals must have 5G coverage For the year 2028 the goal is to have network coverage in all cities in the country.

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