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Reveal an uncontrolled and aggressive behavior

The personal says that he met Rafaela in December 2019 through a dating app, and the two began to date in January 2020. But it didn’t take long for her to reveal an uncontrolled and aggressive behavior, especially when she was contradicted, according to the ex-boyfriend.

A video delivered to investigators shows Rafaela attacking Gustavo with slaps and punches to the face. In other footage, it is possible to see the trail of destruction left by the policewoman in the apartment.

Rafaela Motta, 40, had already been arrested in August this year for the crime of stalking the same victim. In its history, it still responds to a disciplinary administrative process and several procedures in the corporation’s General Internal Affairs.

“We found out that she had placed a tracker in her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle and followed all his movements. She wore disguises, wigs and different vehicles rented for this purpose”, detailed the inspector of the Civil Police of the Federal District, Adval Matos Cardoso.

Police found a letter in Rafaela’s apartment with threats to ex-boyfriends and a list of actions against Gustavo. She lists the top intimidations. The first one is the personal dog. The dog, of the border collie breed, disappeared one day after a fight between the couple.

“I didn’t imagine that the woman [Rafaela] could do any harm, she had known my dog ​​for about three months and even said that they raised border collies on her father’s farm”, said Gustavo. Rafaela also entered her ex’s house and took clothes and airsoft guns.

On another page, Rafaela threatens other ex-boyfriends and talks about hiring hit men. “Rafael will die of poison. I’m going to see him in the coffin. Afterwards I will pursue so much, I will pay as many assassins on duty as necessary to end the lives of all of them”, he wrote. According to the policewoman’s defense, there are medical reports in the process that detail the security agent’s psychic issue.

Rafaela is imprisoned indefinitely for the crime of stalking . The practice was defined in April of this year in the Penal Code as a crime of persecution, which occurs when attempts to contact are exaggerated. In the Federal District, from April to June of this year, the Civil Police registered 242 incidents of this type, an average of three complaints per day.

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