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Government Estimate 15 Tracks On Latest Policy

The government held the auction of this technology in early November 85 of the tracks were sold with a collection of R 467 billion equivalent to 9414 of the initially estimated amount The sale of all lots should reach a collection of R 55 billion according to Faria.

The government estimate is that 15 of the tracks that have not yet been auctioned will be put up for auction again in 2022 According to the ministrys schedule all 27 state capitals in the country will have 5G by July 2022

The minister informed that the country has 14 thousand rural schools without internet and that he intends to bring connectivity to these spaces before the end of the 5G implementation in the country.

We are going to connect with WiFi Brazil we are already looking for satellite companies When fiber technology arrives we disconnect the satellite but we cannot wait until 2027 2028 to wait for the fiber to reach the interior of the Amazon

Fábio Faria said that the 5G will improve the transport of agricultural products on the roads and at the same time offer more safety to truck drivers According to him producers of all sizes will be connected and will be able to communicate directly with the entire agribusiness production chain

With 4G in 1 km² we have 10000 sensors On 5G you can put 1 million sensors So everything there will be connected he said Furthermore it is a claim by truck drivers who spend eight nine hours on the road without internet with the risk of accidents with the risk of robberies

Won five of the ten lots of type G referring to the provision of the service nationwide in basic education schools Claro took the first two batches G1 and G2 and Vivo the next three G3 to G5 Blocks from G6 to G10 did not receive proposals and were considered deserts The other national lot auctioned the I6 was bought by Tim

The three telephone companies which already operate in the Brazilian market were also the ones that won lots of the main band of the 5G of 35 GHz the socalled gold band as it is the most used by the system in the world Each company won a block of the track.

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