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Clothes from Gustavo’s son 5-year-old child

Personal trainer Gustavo Rodrigues da Silva, ex-boyfriend of civil police officer Rafaela Luciane Motta Ferreira, spoke for the first time about the troubled relationship he had with the Federal District’s security agent.

Rafaela has been imprisoned since Thursday (2) for failing to comply with protective measures and stalking . She punctured the tires of Gustavo’s car and stabbed him with a knife.

“Now I’m looking at it from the outside, from another situation; when you’re in the relationship, you think you can get around and help,” commented Gustavo in an exclusive interview with reporter Alessandro Saturno, from Record TV . The report was aired yesterday (5) on Sunday Spectacular.

She broke a glass door, tore the base of the bed and cut clothes from Gustavo’s son, a 5-year-old child, according to the allegations.

She also threatened Gustavo’s students and sister, Gisele Rodrigues da Silva. “My boyfriend put a security guard for me because it’s not just my brother in this whole situation,” Gisele told the reporter.

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