1st St Athan Scout Group hold Great St Athan Scout Bake Off Competition

The first ever Great St Athan Scout Bake Off Competition was held on the 13th of October 2016 by 1st St Athan Scout Group.

The 1st St Athan Beavers, Cubs & Scouts who wanted to enter the competition, were challenged to make at home either: 12 buns/muffins/cupcakes, or 12 cookies/biscuits, or 1 medium/large cake of whatever variety they preferred. Parents could provide basic assistance, however the Beaver/Cub/Scout had to do as much of the making, baking and decorating as possible

There were 25 entries from 1st St Athan Beavers, Cubs & Scouts (ages 6 to 14 years). The standard was very high and our judges, including District Scout Leader Darryl Payne and 1st St Athan Cub Leader Stephen Partridge, certainly had a difficult task! Over £60 was raised for the RNIB Wear Dots, Raise Lots campaign, and the Beavers, Cubs & Scouts have definitely learned some new baking skills. Friends & family members attending the event enjoyed some very tasty cake. Gary Shaw, 1st St Athan Scout Leader, said “Wear Dots, Raise Lots is a great cause and the Great St Athan Scout Bake Off Competition has been a real hit. I’m very impressed by the baking skills and the effort that’s gone in to all the competition entries”. The Best Tasting Cake medal went to Harry Hindley, aged 11, for his amazing lemon cake. The Best Decorated and Great St Athan Scout Bake Off Champion award went to Ruby Whitelam, aged 11, for her chocolate cake decorated like a Scout campsite, with amazing attention to detail that included tents, a campfire, trees and a river!


As the competition was such a hit with 1st St Athan Beavers, Cubs & Scouts, it was also decided that the Great St Athan Scout Bake Off would become an annual competition for the Scout Group. So, a new tradition has begun!

The 1st St Athan Scouts also learned about Braille and British Sign Language during the evening. The Scouts completed tasks such as spelling their names using Braille and BSL, as well as sending messages and code cracking using both forms of communication.

The RNIB Wear Dots, Raise Lots campaign aims to highlight the impact of Braille and helps the RNIB to support the 100 people in the UK that start to lose their sight every day. www.rnib.org.uk/wear-dots-raise-lots

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