16 Songs You Probably Danced to Over the Dolphin Nightclub!

The Dolphin, Barry’s Premier night club back in the day. You Probably finished work in Woolies, Select or New Look, ran home to your local chippy, had chips and curry sauce, got changed and went out. You probably had pre-drinks, before pre-drinks was ever invented in your mates bedroom, then hit the town. Either Horatios, or the Ship, and then the long walk over to the Flippper. You had to rush to get there before 10pm to avoid paying £3!


Spending your last £20 on £1 bottles of Smirnoff Ice or Reef, those double vodka and red bulls for £2 got you a little steaming, and then getting warned by Barthez the Bouncer for dancing like an idiot to the following songs. Lets take a trip down memory lane…………….


Ja Rule  & J Lo – Ain’t it Funny

 J to the L O, HELLO! It was the time when Ja Rule & Jenny from the block seemed to be on every song during this era. The song also featured rapper Caddilac Tah, but you have no idea who he is or even remember him. This now Kisstory classic was one of the most played tracks over the Dolphin back in the day.

Fat Joe Ft Ashanti – What’s Luv

Can you believe this track is 15 years old?! It was really a battle during this period of Ashanti and J-Lo of who could appear on the most RnB and Hip Hop tracks. Nearly Every track they appeared on turned into classics!

*Nsync & Nelly – Girlfriend

That time of the night where you would slowly approach the girl (or boy) you wanted to try and get with, and reached number 2 in the UK singles chart. Released in 2002, it was one of the most notable songs played over the Dolphin during this era and one of the last ever released by *Nsync.

Liberty X – Just a Little

Even the 10 second intro will give you Dolphin flashbacks. The 5 failed ‘Popstars’ finalists that never  made it into ‘Hear’say’ (which ended up failing) was a classic Dolphin hit during the summer of 2002.

Shakira – Whenever Wherever

The Colombian singer, who made a classic hit for the shores of Barrybados! Now 39 and married to Barcelona footballer, Gerard Pique is still making hits to this day, although not as good as this one. Just a thought, if Shakira is 39, how old must we be? Surely those hips don’t lie.

Destiny’s Child – Bootylicious

I don’t think Barry was ready for this jelly. Queen Bee was slaying back then, along with Kelly and Michelle, the other had left by then, and everyone was shaking there booty over the Island! Which song do you remember the most, Bootylicious or Survivor?

So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds

One of the final ‘good’ garage tracks from the garage era, the So Solid Crew, made a few hits before they all went there separate ways. 2 multiplied by 10 plus 1……… Romeo done.

Blue – Fly By II

With a sample from Biggies – Hypnotise, Blue’s Fly By II was a big chart hit in 2002. They had slightly more credibility than 5ive, and this single along with All Rise was probably their biggest hits they ever had!

Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Outta My Head

Pop music wasn’t exactly amazing back then, we were stuck with the likes of S Club and Samantha Mumba. But at least Kylie got it right with ‘Can’t get you out of my head’.

Future Breeze – Temple Of Dreams

You may not remember this one, but it was a big hit back then when ‘Pants Trance’ was really big. There were a number of dance tracks which could have made the Dolphin Chart list, including PPK, Ian Van Ghal and Paffendorf, but this has to be one of our favourites. One for all the hardcore dancers that stayed until closing, and then went back to Athena’s for curry and chips.

Barthezz – On The Move

We picked this for a number of reasons, not only as a shout out to Barthez the Bouncer (He probably kicked you out once or twice) but also because of the amount of shapes that were thrown on the Dolphin dance floor. Another one of those pants trance songs that really sounds dated and would empty the dance floor these days.

Usher – U Remind Me

This song reminds me of a girl I used to go out with, during the time of the Dolphin era. We could’ve picked a number of Usher tracks to go in this list, but this is top of our choices. I’m having flashbacks of everyone dancing whilst doing the hand movements to the chorus, and attempting to sing it as best they could!

Ja Rule – Always On Time ft. Ashanti

As we said it was really a battle between J-Lo and Ashanti during this period. They appeared on hit after hit and Ja Rule made plenty during this time period. Jeffrey Atkins (real name for Ja) went off the radar after Eminem dealt within him in their Beef. We think its a toss up between this and Living it Up as the best Ja Rule song during this era, what you think?

Eve – Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft. Gwen Stefani

Probably one of best beats from this era, produced by Dr Dre and Scott Storch, Let me Blow your mind, blew the Flipper Dance Floor every Saturday Night. They literally don’t make music as good as this anymore!

City High – What Would You Do

These guys made one album and 3 singles, I bet you can’t name the other 2? Anytime you sample a Dr Dre song, you know its going to be a massive hit. The Dolphin faithful must remember throwing some shapes to this one back in the day?

Nelly – Hot in Herre

Nelly, another artist who had a number of hits back during the Dolphin Era. Hot in Herre, is up there with the best of the classic Dolphin tracls from this era.

The list could’ve went on another 50 songs or so. We Missed out tracks from DJ Pied Piper, Missy Elliot, Daniel Bedingfield, Mis-teeq, Ian Van Dahl and more. What is your favourite song from the Dolphin era?. Let us know!