13 Websites For Cool Baby Clothing

This original article was taken from A Mamsworld website

Bored of dressing baby in the same high street labels? Not into pink and blue? impress the mams at your next play meet, or just distract from the fact you’re still in your maternity wear and haven’t had your roots done in months, by dressing bubs in something from one of these beauties…

1. Tobias and the Bear
Tennessee and I have fallen head over heels for the gorgeous unisex leggings brilliant mum duo Leanne and Ruth produce. Not to mention their tees, sweatshirts, bedding… They’re all made in the UK using the softest organic cotton and always sport the most colourful, fun prints that defy seasons. All the feels. All the heart eye emojis. All my wages.

Website – www.tobiasandthebear.com

2. Birdies & Bearcubs
If you’re after great tees for your baby bear, you can’t go far wrong with Birdies & Bearcubs. I’m a sucker for a monochrome tee and an inspiring quote so we’ve bagged a few offerings from these guys, including “This kid will change the world”, “Kindness can conquer”, and a sweater with “Mummy’s boy” front and centre – will be keeping a pic of T wearing that last one for his 18th.

Website – www.birdiesandbearcubs.co.uk/

3. Mère Soeur

Gorgeous Welsh mam Carrie Anne has turned motherhood into an art form. Her burgeoning ‘mammamerch’ brand includes empowering, slogan-emblazoned tees for mams and babies. Appealing to edgy mams and rocking tots the world over, stock shifts fast so if you want to snag something I’d recommend following her on Instagram to keep updated on stock replenishment.

Website – https://meresoeur.com
4. Dudes n Dolls

Comfy, stylish and organic unisex clothing for your precious beings. Anyone who thinks monochrome is not becoming of a tiny human has never seen a baby rock last season’s Dudes n Dolls grid harem pants. They remain a firm favourite here. The new collection drops this Saturday, 8 October 2016.

Website – https://dudes-n-dolls.com/

5. Kidult & Co

This is still a really young brand, launched by three friends – Melissa, Laura and Emily – in the UK just last year. Fun, no-frills tees for kids with plenty of attitude. Everything’s made in the UK and the material quality of this ‘So rockstar’ T-shirt was top notch. Resounding thumbs up.

Website – http://kidultand.co/

6. The Bright Company

Yep, pyjamas with bat wings. Need I continue? If you’re looking for sleepwear for your 0-9 year olds then this is a must-visit website.

Alienor Falconer, a British-based designer and London College of Fashion alumni, founded the company in 2013 with a passion to create more inspiring, well-designed sleepwear and bedding for young children. I’d say mission accomplished.

They do a nifty adult range too, and some rather lovely bedding. About 90% of the range is made with organic cotton and the company is rightly keen to stress it takes ethical production extremely seriously. Love this brand.

Website – www.thebrightcompany.uk

7. Amy and Ivor

When I went shopping for first walker shoes for Tennessee I was pretty underwhelmed, to put it mildly. Not only were they not cheap, but they were, in the main, pretty hideous and almost exclusively navy blue. Given most of his clothes are not, that’s meant he’s spent a fair amount of time wearing navy shoes and monochrome clothing – quelle horreur! So appalled by how rubbish most of the high street offerings were, I actually contemplated hand-making shoes for him (an idea I swiftly abandoned after watching a Youtube video in which a shoemaker’s hands actually bled?!), I have since discovered this beautiful, award-winning children’s footwear brand, Amy and Ivor. They’re not cheap and not great for vegetarians, but these soft structure and breathable leather shoes are kind to developing feet and allow children to feel the floor beneath them. And they’re so bloody stylish.

Website – https://amyandivor.com

8. Bree and Bella

Yet further proof if any were needed that leggings are the best kids’ clothing item ever invented – Bree and Bella’s beautifully designed unisex leggings appeared in Vogue. Fret not, you won’t need to re-mortgage to get your hands on a pair. We’re feeling the arctic animals print this winter. They also do a mean line of heart-melting baby bloomers. Lush.

Website – https://breeandbella.co.uk/

9. Zac and Bella

This Barry brand, launched by mum-of-two Hayley, is packed full of handmade treasures. From cord dresses with beautiful patchwork detailing, to contemporary monochrome fleece-lined jackets. They’re super reasonably priced and every item is a one-off. So much love for this local beauty.

Website – https://www.zacandbella.com/

10. It’s a Mam’s World

Shameless self plugging here, but if you are (or know of) a Welsh mam who needs a boost then check out our burgeoning organic lifestyle brand. From totes and tea towels to organic baby and kids’ tees with Welsh-friendly slogans. Reasonably priced, monochrome, and designed by someone who knows how annoying it is to only find mam and baby merch that refers to you as ‘mummy’ when that is never what you’re called.

Website – http://www.mamsworld.co.uk/

11. Mini Rodini

We are yet to splurge on a Mini Rodini item but the fun organic prints offered up by Scandinavia’s fastest growing children’s wear brand always make my heart soar. Started by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin as a tribute to all children, their imagination and sense that everything is possible, I’d happily pop on their panda cord dungarees and their badger tee if they just made things bigger, damn it. Not cheap but it does re-sell well… think of it as an investment?

Website – www.minirodini.com

12. Elias and Grace

I spent the first six months of Tennessee’s life stuck in a nursing chair, boob out, pouring over the beautiful pieces curated by the founders of this gorgeous site. From Bobo Choses to Sticky Fudge, you’ll find the best international luxury brands minus anything OTT. The pieces are curated beautifully and not everything costs the earth.

Website – www.eliasandgrace.com

13. Alex and Alexa

Last but not least, Alex and Alexa is pretty much the don of childrenswear sites. More than 200 international kidswear designers on one site complete with worldwide express delivery. You’ll find everything from Burberry to Versace for kids, alongside more niche labels, like Muchacha and sportswear brands such as Nike and Puma. Footwear, clothing, even toys – just direct family and friends here if they’re fretting over gift ideas. It’s pretty hard to go wrong.

Website – www.alexandalexa.com