10 biggest moments in Barry during 2016

2016, it arrived and has literally gone in a flash, I mean, how fast has this year gone? I was always told as a kid, the older you get the faster it goes, that is certainly true.

2016 has been a good year for Barry, was it as good as 2015? that’s up for discussion, it’s not every year that a local lad from the Colcot becomes a world boxing champion, but still, it has had many memorable moments.

So, here’s our run down of the top 10 biggest moment in Barry during 2016.

10 – The Mysterious Knap Drummer

Ever been sat at the knap and some random guy is playing the drums? nor me, well not until this summer, when Cliff Collings became known as the Knap Drummer. He took the internet by storm and gained a large following;

9 – Bon Fire night fire works

It was an epic show put on by Barry Rotary Club in which thousands upon thousands turned up to enjoy the show and also provided us with one of the pictures of the year by Martin Gibson.

8 – The Mount Sorrell is to be revived

We actually broke the news to Barry residents and it received a tremendous response. Under new ownership, it’ll be called The Mount Rooms and has an opening event on Sunday December 11th. Barry certainly needs more accommodation and this will definitly help!

7 – Ice Central

People were disappointed it only lasted 10 days, which can only be a good sign. The pop up Ice Rink was available to all Barry residents from the day of the Christmas lights switch on, and hosted a number of great music acts including The Four Kicks and the fantastic Sarah Brown.

6 – The Barry Eye The Barry High opens

The wheel formerly known as the Barry Eye had some trouble over the course of the year. The structure went up early in 2016, but due to parts and mechanical issues, there was a slight delay. It finally launched in October and then a few days later on, solicitor letters from Merlin the Company that own the London Eye advised of a potential trademark infringement. It’s now called ‘The Barry High’.


5 – Barry has a new musical star in Gary from Barry

He’s Gary, ‘ard as nails and he hasn’t been heard from in months, but he burst onto the music scene in Barry with his self titled track ‘Gary from Barry’. He did a follow up track Narcos from Marcos, and then he was never heard from again…………………. Is he planing a return? Lets hope so!

4 – Barry Town United reach cup final

The troubles of Barry Town united a few years ago have been well documented, and this is now well in the past. Back to Back promotions, narrowly missing out on reaching the WPL last season and now they are in the MG Nathaniel Cup final, against old rivals, TNS.

The final is set to be played at Cardiff Mets Stadium on January 21st. It would be a remarkable achievement if they won it, wouldn’t it? Fingers crossed!

3 – The Pumphouse

OK, I know the pumphouse opened n 2015, however it wasn’t until 2016 when it really got going. Academy Espresso, Snap Fitness and Hangfire. Have a pre drink at Academy, hit hangfire for a Big pit plate then burn it off at Snap fitness. Barry is certainly on the rise.

2 – The rise of Andrew Selby

Could Barry have two boxing world champions? it’s a very good possibility. Andrew ‘AC Superstar’ Selby has had a great year, he won the British Flyweight title in May and then went on to win the vacant IBF Inter-continental featherweight title in November by beating Jake Bornea. He’s undefeated in 7 bouts now, what will 2017 hold for the Barry Boxer?

1 – GlastonBARRY

If you would have said to me 5 years ago, I would’ve been in the middle of Romilly park with 2500 other Barrians rocking out to a queen tribute on a warm July evening, I would’ve laughed at you. But that is exactly what happened. It’s crazy to think that a small gig in the memo has turned into such a popular event in the Barry calendar. There’s always great tribute bands, fantastic atmosphere and more, but this years was crazy, that dance off, the queen tribute, sun, the outside stage and screen and more. Roll on July 2017!



What was your biggest moment for Barry in 2016? let us know in the comments?