Town Council Meet to Discuss Woodham Road Gasification Facilty

An Extraordinary meeting of Barry Town Council was held on Thursday 23rd March 2017. The single item discussed was a recommendation from Barry Town Council’s Planning Committee held on 7 March 2017. This recommendation related to an Environmental Permit Application that Biomass UK No. 2 Ltd has made to Natural Resources Wales, for a licence to operate a gasification facility at Woodham Road Barry.

The business transacted at the meeting was a decision as to whether Barry Town Council wished to respond to the consultation and if so, to set a budget to seek objective and unbiased professional advice on whether the Environmental Permit Application meets required Regulations. 

Barry Town Council had been informed that Natural Resources Wales would make their decision whether to grant the licence by 8th May 2017 and were invited to make comments on a number of items. 

Officers had recommended that this professional advice would enable Barry Town Council to make an informed response to the Natural Resources Wales Consultation received. The Planning Committee agreed with these Recommendations which were put before the Extraordinary Full Council meeting for decision.

At the meeting, Barry Town Council unanimously resolved:

1. That this Council makes representations to National Resources Wales in relation to the environmental permit application received from Biomass UK No.2 Ltd.

2. That a budget heading is created for the Town Clerk to engage expert advice as and when required to a limit of £10,000.

3. That should the Town Clerk require additional finances in respect of engaging this expert advice in order for the Council to make representations to National Resources Wales within the stated time limitations, that the two Leaders are granted delegated powers to authorise additional funds on behalf of the Town Council.

4. That the Town Clerk is empowered to secure consultancy services as soon as possible, given the timelines.