The Man Who Murdered My Son – S4C Tonight at 9.30pm with Nadine Marshall

Y Byd ar Bedwar, S4C’s hard hitting investigative program will tonight feature the story of Nadine Marshall from Barry, mother of murdered Conner Marshall on her fight to get answers relating to potential failings from private companies providing services to the Probation Service.

David Braddon who was convicted of Conner’s murder was under the care of a private company acting on behalf of the Probation Service at the time of Conner’s murder.

The Daily Vale spoke with Mrs Marshall back in November while she was raising money to fund a legal campaign. You can see the video of this meeting below.

Y Byd ar Bedwar  followed Nadine and another brave mother battling for answers after their sons were murdered and investigate complaints about the probation service. The program will broadcast tonight on S4C at 9.30pm.