The Barry Eye Is No More

Sorry folks, the Barry Island Ferris Wheel can no longer be called ‘The Barry Eye’ due to a trademark infringement with the company that owns the London Eye, Merlin.

It seems the company that owns the London Eye have been in touch with the Danter Family who own the Barry Island Pleasure Park to advise them that the name has to be changed.

The ride was nicknamed ‘The Barry Eye’ by us barrians and visitors who visited the Island over the summer. Theride itself had a successful launch on Saturday October 22nd, with all 20 carriages sponsored and £1000 raised for charity. The mayor of Barry also officially opened the ride.

So what else could we call ‘The Barry Eye – / Ferris Wheel. Here we give you 7 potential nicknames.

The Barry Wheel
Barry’s Wheel
The Barry Eyeland
Barry’s Wheel of Fortune
The Barry Eyelet
Island View
The Whitmore Wheel

OK, we struggled here, but if you have any ideas let us know. We are totally devastated about this.