Residents Celebrate Footpath Success

Friends of the Garden Suburb are celebrating as the footpath at Porth Y Castell in Barry is set to be reopened. Over the last 8 years they have campaigned to have the Footpath from Porthy Castell in Barry reopened after a land owner erected a gate stopping access. It culminated in a planning enquiry lasting a week and the decision was that it is a Footpath and should be reopened.

Now they are campaigning to have the Footpath put back, the gate removed which will allow the public to be able to use it again to enable access to Romilly Park.

Vicky Roberts commented:

“Now that the footpath has been dedicated the families and children in the garden suburb can gain safe access to Romilly Park. We are still lobbying the Vale to have the gate removed and path made up asap because we have waited 9 years for this moment.”