Our Top 5 Acts To Ever Play At GlastonBARRY

GlastonBARRY is right around the corner, it’s honestly not that fair away, just over 5 months in fact. The date is set for July 29th/30th this year and it will be held at Romilly Park, which has now become the home of the spectacle event.

We’re exclusively announcing GlastonBARRY this Saturday night at 8.30pm. Like you, we have no idea who who will be performing, but we can guess it’ll be a wide mixture of top tributes and local talent suitable for everyone’s musical taste.

A whole host of great acts have rocked out GlastonBARRY over the years so we thought we’d give you a run down of the top 5 acts to play at the festival.

5  – Back To November

Now, you might be thinking why has a local band been picked in this list when top tribute acts have played the event. Well, these guys were the only band to play at every GlastonBARRY since it started back in 2013, so we thought they deserved a solid mention in this. GlastonBARRY always likes to showcase local bands so we thought it would only be fair to include a local band in this list. They won’t be playing this year though, as the band performed their last gig on New Years Eve, and you can catch their final ever interview here.

4 – 2 Rude

Everyone loves a bit of Ska right? From their first performance in 2015, they then went on to headline Penarth Rocks in February and then returned at last years event. Every ska hit was played and everyone rocked out. You can’t knock their energy and interaction on stage and they certainly get the crowd going each year. They also have a habit of taking epic stage pics at the event!

3 – Flash (Queen Tribute)

These guys were unbelievable last year, they stole the show and the crowd loved it and in turn they come in straight at number 3. It was a perfect way to end GlastonBARRY 2016 with the entire marquee full, rocking, singing and dancing to Queen. The good news is they are coming back for Penarth Rocks in April. We also recently interviewed them, which you can catch on this link. 

2 – Oasish (Oasis Tribute)

Our top 2 is up for debate, but we had to make a decision based on current appearances and Oasish come in at 2. They headlined the initial event at the memo back in 2013 and the whole hall was singing out to Wonderwall. They then blew the marquee away in 2015 when they headlined that event, performing every Oasis hit, which are practically a sing a long classics! Will they return this year? We can only hope!

1 – Legend (Bob Marley Tribute)

Big decision this one, but we’ve based it on a number of things. Performance wise, they are up with the best, but the fact that they have performed for the last 3 years in a row, makes Legend our number 1 act to every play at GlastonBARRY. Everyone loves a Bob Marley classic and nobody in the tent probably saw Bob perform alive, so this is literally the next next best thing. The thing we like about Legend, is that that, even though they slow the pace of the event down a bit, the crowd interacts more. Bob had so many hits, sing a long classics etc and Legend certainly know who to perform these and give the crowd what they want. Can they make it 4 years in a row? Check back Saturday to find out.

What do you make of our top 5, agree? disagree? who have you enjoyed? let us know in the comments and check back Saturday for the full line up!