New Gym Set to Open at The Mount Rooms

A new gym is set to open at The Mount Rooms on January 16th 2017. Earlier this year we broke the news that the former Mount Sorrel hotel was to be revived and then we attended the launch night a few weeks ago.

Now, the gym is set to be re-opened at the hotel, under the name ‘MT.Fitness’


The Gym will be run by partners James Eaton 25, and Stacey Niblett 26, who both have a background in fitness and physical activity. James is a Certified REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer and was previously part of the management team in The Village Hotel Health Club. Stacey, has a degree in BSC Sports and Physical Education, and is a current netball coach and county netball player.

The couple, who started as Pro-Symmetry Fitness, based in Rhoose, said they came across the potential gym when Stacey was looking at houses in the area. Stacey commented:

“Both James and I are partners and we have a little girl – so we have always made our service about family and providing excellent customer service. We started as Pro-Symmetry Fitness providing outdoor sessions in Rhoose. Without the support of the community in Rhoose we wouldn’t be in the position that we are now. We are very lucky to be taking some amazing people with us to our new gym in Barry.


Funnily, it came about whilst I was doing a typical women thing nosing at houses and came across the gym. I instantly messaged Chris and Emma and then the rest is history. Our dream has always been to open a gym and change lives. There’s nothing more satisfying than receiving a message saying how much happier someone is and how much more energy they have.”

Setting up their own gym has been a dream of the couple since their first date and the opening of MT. Fitness will see their dreams come true. Stacey said:

“When James and I was on our first date many years ago now- we had the same dream to open up a fitness retreat and educate and make a difference to those who may struggle. Our vision is to create a fitness retreat in the heart of South Wales where clients from all over the UK can come and stay with us for a weekend or 7 days, have a daily planned itinerary, constructed meals for the day and just enjoy being with others who are on the same journey.”

The name MT. Fitness keeps with the name of the hotel and the new on site cafe. The launch night is set for Sunday January 15th from 6pm -9pm and everyone is invited to take a look around the facilities and ask any questions.

Membership is just £30 and includes 24/7 access, use of the gym facilities, sauna, indoor and outdoor classes and real feeling of personalisation. Stacey said:

“Our mission is to ensure people are making the most out of their time at the gym and are not feeling lost. We’re just extremely thankful for all the support of our family, friends, current members and the amazing support our community who has helped make this happen.”

You can connect with MT fitness on the following platforms.

Find us on Mt.Fitness Gym – facebook, instagram on @mtfitnessgym

Their current website is changing but it’s currently



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