Local Shop On Park Crescent Closes Its Doors

It seems to be a sign of the times these days, another small local business with a great history and loyalty to the town closes its doors. This time, its a local shop on Park Crescent, known to locals as ‘The Greeks’. For me personally, I’ll always remember this shop as my stop off on the way down to the Knap or Porthkerry during those summer nights, or the last chance to grab a quick bottle of alcohol on the walk to Bostons or The Dolphin, back in the day.

I’ll be honest, I’m not surprised it has closed. Sainsbury’s at the top, One stop at the bottom (although a franchise which was taken on by another by local family to avoid another closure). Two national chains, who purchase and sell at lower prices, have more on offer and in turn, make it more attractive to shop there. The average small business struggles to survive these days and it’s quite sad that we’ve become an ‘online generation’, a generation of people with limited time to shop in small local shops and prefer to ‘get it done’ in one trip, in one place, or in a few clicks of the phone.

The Antoniou family have been on Park Crescent for countless number of years, a pivotal part of the Barry community, but yesterday, March 18th, they closed their doors for good.

A farewell message had been placed on their doors for a number of weeks, advising customers that it was closing.

In such a lovely gesture, local members of the community had gathered well wishes and comments and passed on a book to the Antoniou family before they ceased trading.

As a small town, I think we should think a lot more about small businesses, keep them thriving and growing as it can only help our local community.

From everyone here at The Daily Vale and I’m sure we speak for everyone in Barry also, we wish The Antoniou family all the best and we thank you for your great service to us over the years.