Earlyversity – Fidgeting In Class Works!

A group of educational experts from Barry have launched a brand and products that they hope will change perceptions and inform schools and parents on the benefits of FIDGETING. EarlyVersity Ltd and their educational team have released what they describe as a highly-anticipated specialist educational clothing range called FIDGETEES. After a year in research and development consulting with teachers, children, parents and utilising the latest research they have proudly launched a highly innovative t-shirt and fidget toy range that creates a sense of focus, calm and self-regulation in the child who uses them. Parents today are celebrating and commending the benefits and improved success shown in their child when wearing a FIDGETEE.


The educational team who have a diverse background in children’s development and learning recognised there was a need for both understanding within the education community and a practical need for children and parents. Some children are failing to access and engage in education due to fidgeting needs, and so they brainstormed and developed the FIDGETEE.

Kay Rawlinson director at EarlyVersity and nursery nurse explains that “some children need to have an item that gives them comfort to concentrate and feel calm within an educational and home setting. FIDGETEE meets that very real need and helps with this important issue.”

Peter Thomas director of EarlyVersity and a Teacher explains that “the principal of fidget toys is recognised across the world. For some children, the use of these fidgets has been proven to improve concentration and to aid development and support full integration and inclusion. With the validation, we have received from parents and settings where we have trialled our product it is exciting to realise and bring to the world a product that we believe will not only change understanding but also lives.”

Candice Ringer director at EarlyVersity and a disability co-ordinator for a local authority adds “It is with pride that we bring this simple but proven resource to families who have a child with additional needs and to see the incredible changes that it will bring. Developments in children have been seen with huge improvements in behaviour, accessing activities, learning and engagement. This simple idea could change the way every child feels and learn to self-regulate difficult emotions and feelings.

Hayley McGhan director at EarlyVersity and principal designer for the product explains that “As a fashion designer I am proud to present this clothing range as it has always been an aim to design clothing that can be life changing and create a real sense of purpose.” Within the design element Hayley describes that “the pocket is intended to be obvious enough for understanding the use but discreet enough to blend in and not highlight any issues.”
Extracts from their market research recalls the first day that one little boy wore the FIDGETEE to playgroup as a resounding success and how he could spend the whole session engaged in play without a ‘melt down’. Staff recounted to the parent how incredible this simple idea has changed him. The child now enjoys picking a different Fidget toy to place in the FIDGETEE every morning and dressing has become a much easier task.

Another response highlights the reservations parents had with using FIDGETEES and encouraging controlled fidgeting, the conclusion on its use was met with positivity as they couldn’t believe that it would help their highly anxious child managing the school day but “it has been a revelation to us both and I highly recommend this incredible piece of clothing.” Their child now has five and enjoys picking the colour he wears each day.

To learn more about FIDGETEES and EARLYVERSITY contact the team on 01446 734160 or email support@earlyversity.com

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