Black Jam Circus release debut album!

Barry Band Black James Circus release album 

The band, established in 2013, now has 7 permanent members, Matt Blumberg – Vocals/Guitar Chris Grech – Bass, Jon Morgan Heath – Drums, Ren Shorney – Lead Guitar, Michael Loizos – Trumpet, Paul O’Kelly – Keys/Synth, Lee Baker – Percussion and have released their first album which is 3 years in the making!


The band started when Matt got together with Chris, Jon and Ren for some general ‘jamming’ and managed to get a few recordings done.

Matt said ‘I have always had a passion for songwriting and have written a load of weird songs over the years and odd experiences I’ve had over the years, but musically they jump from one genre to another, sometimes in the same song! We just mess about with them and see what happens! Luckily pretty much everyone in the band are pretty competent on their instruments and we have great fun just jamming through ideas and messing about with the songs. ! I got together with Chris, Jon and Ren to play about with some of them. We got some basic recordings done, and Paul O Kelly heard them, loved them and offered to record an album with us. We got together and started playing about with some ideas and eventually Michael Loizas (Waz), Paul and Lee Baker all also joined the band’

The band’s style is quite varied from an eclectic mix of ska / reggae / punk / rock and funk, with a bit of flamenco guitar, disco and heavy metal thrown in. All of their songs are original, having spent the past 2 years writing and practising to perfection, with ska music heavily influencing their unique sound.

The album is available to purchase at £6 from their website!




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