Barrybados – Celebrating 1 Year At The Island Shop

It’s been a while since we did a blog for The Daily Vale, we’ve been really busy, but we’re hoping to start it up regularly again over the course of the next few weeks. We wanted to do one this week though, as it’s exactly one year since we joined forces with the Beach Hut on Barry Island to create the Barrybados Gift shop.

The past year at the shop has been incredible,we brought out a food range in chocolate, nougat and rock and a few other bits and bobs. We held back slightly last year on bringing new stuff out due to the added overheads of the shop and it was difficult to judge stock levels and what we wanted to sell there within the allocated space we had.

To say the shop has exceeded our expectations is an understatement. It’s blown us away, we’ve certainly done nothing but progress the Barrybados brand further, developed new customers and built new relationships.

As we said last year, we held back slightly on bringing out new items, but this year, we have huge plans. We’re only 7 weeks into the year and we’ve already brought 3 new items, pens, pencils and pin badges and we have another item on order which is due to land within the next week or so, and trust us, the new item on order is something we have wanted to do for years and have been asked about for years also! But you’ll just have to wait and see đŸ™‚

It’s crazy to think that a random idea one day a few years back has escalated into a business and brand that people are proud to be associated with and continue to purchase from us. We’re amazed by how many repeat and new customers we get and we can’t thank everyone enough for helping us to continue to grow and progress.

For us, it’s great to be part of this new collective of local and innovative businesses, such as Mack Events/GlastonBARRY, Bantercards, Slabi Clothing, who are businesses that started off as random ideas and took a risk to getting going but turn out totally worth it. It just proves that even when you or someone may think an idea is bad, it can turn into something special. We’re just proof of that.

Thanks for the continued support, and here’s to the coming year.