Barry K1 Fighter Wins Several Year End Awards

Barry K1 Fighter, Gareth Burbidge has won both the TFC K1 Fighter of the Year and Fight of the Year for his fight against Steve Owens at the end of year awards.

Gareth, 33 from Barry, who is currently a member of thai boxing gym based on Barry Island has been fighting competitively for 12 years , initially learning his skill in Kyo-kushinkai Karate as a child and then Tae-Kwon Do, where he found his true his passion and potential career path. He currently holds the: ICO Thai Boxing South West area title, Pro K1 TFC English title, Pro K1 British title and the Pro K1 TFC 5 Nations title.

Gareth Said:

“I have been fighting competitively for 12 years, although I trained kyokushinkai karate as a child for a couple of years, I began my competitive career training with Colin Palfrey in tae-kwon-do and then his son Richard Palfrey who took me under his wing and with him this led me to win the semi contact WUMA English and European titles. Following this I played around with the pro MMA game for 6 years fighting for Dogs of War Cardiff where I also competed in numerous jui-jitsu tournaments.

He said, he got into the sport as he wanted to change his life around and became hooked due to the intensity and thrill. After winning fighter and fight of the year, he says his aim this year is to sharpen up his Thai Boxing and Boxing skills with an aim to compete in various competitions.

“At the moment I’m concentrating on sharpening up my Thai boxing and boxing skills. I have also started back training jui-jitsu with Tillery Combat Cardiff where I would like to compete in various jui-jitsu competitions.”

On his awards he commented the following:

“It’s a real honour receiving the TFC K1 fighter of the year and fight of the year. TFC is a big British/European promotion and to receive fighter of the year out of the whole of the roster is an honour on its own but to also receive fight of the year as well……. well it just kinda blown my mind!!

“I would like thank TFC for giving me the opportunity to fight on their promotion, as well as my coaches, team mates, pad men and sparring partners, my sponsors, family and friends and lastly to all that voted and my supporters who have supported me and been there rooting for me over the years. it truly means the world to me!!”

You can watch Gareth’s fight of the year against Steve Owens Below.