Barry Judo Player Wins Gold!

Last week, we spoke with Barry Judo player, Steve Blackwell, who was competing at the Welsh Open in Newport on Sunday. Well, we have some good news, Steve won gold in the -90kg category. We caught up Steve and managed to get a few words after a hectic day of grappling, which started at 10.30am.

“Weigh in was 10.30am in Newport leisure centre, I weighed in at 84kg so was in the -90kg category, as well as one other person, Unfortunately there was only two in our category so they asked if we wanted to jump into the -100kg category which I said yes!

“My fight was first against the other -90kg player, I controlled the fight and forced a shido (penalty) against my opponent, I then stumbled and took him to ground where I then managed to hold him down the 25 seconds to get the win. I Was very happy and very tired after 2 minutes of the 3 minute fight.

“I then went into the -100 pool where there were very big, strong and experienced players, I didn’t win any other but done my best even toppling a 5th Dan a few times.

“Our mat was the last mat fighting after a long day, even taking all the other mats up while we fought, then we got our medals ceremony under way which was at 4pm. I took the top podium spot and received my Gold medal. I was very happy to win the only fight that mattered, gutted I didn’t win more but I’m sure I would have if there were more my weight.”


From everyone here at The Daily Vale, Congratulations Steve!